Curt Jaimungal & Lawrence Krauss , Theories of Everything with Curt Jaimungal

Lawrence Krauss: Multiverse, Dark Energy, Living Forever

10 Oct 2023 • 56 min • EN
56 min
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YouTube link Lawrence Krauss dives into dark energy's evolving role, the matter-antimatter conundrum, and the significance of consciousness in our cosmos. - Patreon: (early access to ad-free audio episodes!) - Crypto: - PayPal: - Twitter: - Discord Invite: - iTunes: - Pandora: - Spotify: - Subreddit r/TheoriesOfEverything: - TOE Merch: LINKS MENTIONED: - Edge of Knowledge (Lawrence Krauss): - Universe of Nothing (Lawrence Krauss): - The Greatest Story Ever Told So Far (Lawrence Krauss): - The Physics of Climate Change (Lawrence Krauss): - The Black Cloud (Fred Hoyle): - Podcast w/ Brian Keating on TOE: - Discussion on the detection of gravitational waves - Explanation of CP violation and leptogenesis in the context of neutrinos - Podcast w/ Edward Frenkel on TOE: TIMESTAMPS: - 00:00:00 Introduction - 00:02:10 Pushing modern physics beyond its frontier - 00:03:00 Writing and the art of asking questions - 00:08:07 Unearthing the roots of consciousness - 00:12:00 Origins of the universe & quantum fluctuations - 00:20:13 Infinite existence (Dyson's arguments) - 00:27:08 Graviton detection impossibility? - 00:30:13 Inflationary models and multiverses - 00:35:05 Neutrinos, leptogenesis, CP violation, and why we're here - 00:46:46 Infinities and renormalization (Feynman's "dippy process") - 00:48:00 Dark matter: particle or modified gravity? - 00:51:58 Higgs field as a Bose-Einstein condensate

From "Theories of Everything with Curt Jaimungal"

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