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Is Muscle the Key to Longevity? With Dr. Gabrielle Lyon

18 Oct 2023 • 52 min • EN
52 min
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If you want to naturally support healthy blood sugar, normal blood lipids, and maintain cardiovascular health, your muscles hold the key.  In this episode, Dr. Gabrielle Lyon, a board-certified family medicine and fellowship-trained physician, joins me to explain the link between muscles and longevity and the cutting-edge science of muscle-centric medicine.  Join us as we delve into the newly-understood benefits of muscle, what enhances its quality, and how you can protect it as you age. We’re also talking about what we’ve gotten wrong about resistance training and protein—and Dr. Lyons drops a bomb about plant protein that absolutely shocked me.  I’m so excited for you to listen to this episode! It’s a game-changer for everyone who wants to live full out to 100 and stay forever strong.  FULL show notes: jjvirgin.com/lyon Try my protein calculator: http://jjvirgin.com/proteinfirst Subscribe to my podcast: http://subscribetojj.com Learn more about Dr. Gabrielle Lyon: https://drgabriellelyon.com Order Forever Strong: https://drgabriellelyon.com/forever-strong Listen to The Dr. Gabrielle Lyon Show: https://drgabriellelyon.com/podcast/ Reignite WellnessTM Amino Power Powder: https://store.jjvirgin.com/collections/supplements/products/amino-power-powder DEXA scan: https://dexascan.com/ Bioimpedance scale: https://oxiline.shop/?ref=mza2ntv Check on your metabolic health with YourLabwork: https://yourlabwork.com/jj-virgin/ Reignite WellnessTM All-In-One Shakes: https://store.jjvirgin.com/collections/shakes Reignite WellnessTM Clean Creatine Powder: https://store.jjvirgin.com/products/clean-creatine-powder Sign Up for Gabrielle’s Weekly Newsletter and Receive Her Food Guide, the Lyon Protocol 2.0: https://drgabriellelyon.com/  

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