Matty Lansdown & Danielle Hamilton , How To Not Get Sick And Die

How To Fix Sluggish Digestion (Part 2) with Danielle Hamilton | EP 235

14 Mar 2023 • 34 min • EN
34 min
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Is it normal for you to experience stomach issues or cravings AFTER eating? There are a number of reasons for that and one of them is not about your trauma, or your emotional attachment to food. Believe it or not your dieting and medical history can cause a situation in your gut that messes up your microbiome, lowers your stomach acid and leads to pooping out all of the delicious nutrition that you’ve been eating. Basically you’re eating right but not absorbing it. In this episode we cover lots of good content around the practical reasons why your digestion is up shit creek without a paddle and how to turn it around.  In this conversation we discussed:Why vegan diets cause digestive problemsHow focusing on alkalising foods can mess with your stomach acidWhy we’ll over eat carbs to hit our protein quotaThe connection between blood sugar and digestion Managing sugar cravings with herbs and spices Medical drugs and their connection to poor digestionMental health problems and nutrient malabsorption  *** Join the Healthy Mum’s Facebook Group >>HERE<< *** Where to find DANIELLE HAMILTON Danielle's Website Danielle's Instagram Danielle's Facebook Danielle's Podcast -- How to Get in Touch with MATTY LANSDOWN Healthy Mum’s Facebook Group Take the 10 Day Emotional Eating Challenge Here Send Matty the word ‘PROGRAM’ right HERE to discuss our programs Join our Email list Here -- Intro/Outro track Tropic Love by "Diviners feat. Contacreast"

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