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Optimizing Women's Fitness for Health and Longevity with Dr Andy Galpin

22 May 2023 • 76 min • EN
76 min
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Angela talks to Dr. Andy Galpin about improving health span alongside longevity, focusing specifically on women's health, including managing sleep, stress, nutrition and how physical activity is of vital importance. They also discuss the nuances of optimising fitness routines for women, taking into account the menstrual cycle and challenges during perimenopause and menopause.  KEY TAKEAWAYS It is vital to manage sleep, stress, nutrition, and physical activity. By prioritising these key areas, we can set ourselves up for optimal health and longevity. Spending time in nature or engaging in sports and activities that require reacting to external stimuli can help maintain balance over time. The next time you're feeling stuck in your routine, consider taking a hike or trying out a new sport. Use subjective and objective measures: When assessing your health and well-being, it's important to use both subjective and objective measures. Dr. Galpin suggests using at least two of each to get a more comprehensive understanding of your overall health. What works for one person may not work for everyone. It's important to try new things and stick to the ones that bring you results. BEST MOMENTS 'You want to hit the big markers' 'People who spend too much time at max heart rate or close to that are going to have issues' 'What are the tasks my body needs to do to maximise longevity?' 'Your joints have to be able to handle movement continuously for 45 minutes' VALUABLE RESOURCES Take My Biohacking Quiz and Get A Free Personalised Report - Become an Insider of The Female Biohacker Collective and have Angela as Your Health Coach in Your Pocket - Free Fasting Guide - Podcast Shownotes - Thanks to our Sponsor: Bon Charge -  Get 20% off at ABOUT THE HOST Angela Foster is an award winning Nutritionist, Health & Performance Coach, Speaker and Host of the High Performance Health podcast. A former Corporate lawyer turned industry leader in biohacking and health optimisation for women, Angela has been featured in various media including Huff Post, Runners World, The Health Optimisation Summit, BrainTap, The Women’s Biohacking Conference, Livestrong & Natural Health Magazine.  Angela is the creator of BioSyncing®️ a blueprint for ambitious entrepreneurial women to biohack their health so they can 10X how they show up in their business and their family without burning out. Angela’s BioSyncing®️ Blueprint is currently closed. Click here to get on the waitlist.  She is also the founder of The Female Biohacker Collective - the health coaching membership in your pocket - with monthly live masterclasses, coaching calls and biohacking toolkits. To find out more and become a member, click here. The High Performance Health Podcast is a top rated global podcast. Each week, Angela brings you a new insight, biohack or high performance habit to help you unlock optimal health, longevity and higher performance. Hit the follow button to make sure you get notified each time Angela releases a new episode. CONTACT DETAILS Instagram Facebook LinkedIn

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