Episode 260: The Key to Upleveling - Relax; Interview Cortney McDermott

13 Dec 2023 • 55 min • EN
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Episode 260: The Key to Upleveling - Relax Interview Cortney McDermott Welcome to the Love Your Story podcast. It’s December and we are winding down 2023 with two of the best episodes of the year. In a couple week’s we’ll have the Best of 2023 episode, which looks at download numbers for all the episodes throughout the year to find out what the favorites have been - I always love that episode. It gives me lots of great info. but it also gives the listeners a quick peak at 5 excellent episodes with a small quip from each, so if you missed any of them you can go back and listen……..AND our final interview of the year is today with Cortney McDermott. I’ll tell you why I think this is going to be one of the best episodes of the year. On Love Your Story we are all about living into our best lives. We are all about intention and responsibility. We are all about gaining a greater understanding of universal laws and how they work so we can work with more faith, allowance, and intention to create what we want, well…I’ve been in this place lately where I’ve been trying to figure out how quantum physics works with the power of our own minds, how to manifest in bigger ways, how to get rid of mental corrals and think beyond what I’m used to….and then guess what shows up? This woman - Corney McDermott and her book “Give Yourself Permission.” I admit, as I read the book I really dreaded trying to write up my notes for the interview because there are tooooooo many things I want to talk about. Soooo much I’d love to get Cortney’s perspetive on…so it’s going to be a value packed show. Cortney McDermott is an award-winning author, she is a TedX speaker, and a mind-body expert who helps the world’s leading organizations and creatives to disrupt old patterns of behavior, grow healthy businesses and apply the physiology and psychology needed for success.  She has been featured in Inc. Women’s Health, Success, The Huffington Post, FOX news and lot of other mainstream business and life style media. She was an executive at Vanity Fair Corporation….and I could go on, but I just want to talk with her,  So…. Cortney…. Welcome to the Love Your Story podcast. First, who are you? What’s your story….let me get more specific…..in your introduction you say that years ago you started having experiences you couldn’t explain, like losing a lot of weight overnight..and another time you were transported out of the constraints of time and space. Whaaattt?  1. Who are you and why did these things happen, and what were they like? Listen to the audio program to hear Cortney's story and some in depth conversation on how we can connect with a greater flow of life by relaxing, listening, following inspiration, and doing with joy. We talk about intrinsic motivation vs. hard pushing and I talk with her about my lack of understanding about how we can make things happen by relaxing. What does it look like when you are a type A personality and the best flow of life lies in relaxing, surrendering? How to reach Cortney: CortneyMcDermott.com Book: Give Yourself Permission Tune in next week for our season closing episode - The Best of 2023 - and see what all the listener favorites were. See you in two weeks.

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