Mayim Bialik & Daniel Amen , Mayim Bialik's Breakdown

Dr. Daniel Amen: Depression is a Symptom, Not a Diagnosis

14 Nov 2023 • 83 min • EN
83 min
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Dr. Daniel Amen (physician, psychiatrist, author, founder of Amen Clinics) shares proven ways to change your brain! He explains what psychiatry is getting right and wrong, his mental health approach from a psychiatric, holistic, and neuroscientific perspective, and the importance of getting to the root cause of any mental health condition. Dr. Amen reveals how mold exposure and traumatic brain injury can contribute to mental illness, how toxins in products and foods can make our bodies work against us, and why he considers happiness to be a moral obligation. He considers why many people are disillusioned by the psychiatric field, the nature of having celebrity clientele and how fame can physically damage the brain, and depression as a symptom and not a diagnosis. Dr. Amen discusses the science of supplements and which ones he recommends taking, why he includes spirituality in his prescriptions, his thoughts on trauma reprocessing in the psychedelic realm, and his preferred forms of therapy. Find out more about BrainMD:

From "Mayim Bialik's Breakdown"

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