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31: Living the Modern History of ADHD, With Diann Wingert, LCSW, ADHD Coach, and mother with ADHD of children with ADHD

03 Aug 2018 • 41 min • EN
41 min
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This is a powerful one.  Diann Wingert, LCSW shares her journey with ADHD.  It's a tale the encompasses her professional work and her role in her family, and mirrors our modern undernstanding of ADHD.  She shares her struggles, uncertainty, successes, and growth.   Diann Wingert  is a coach and psychotherapist on a mission to help others achieve their true potential through radical self acceptance, leveraging their strengths and creating an ADHD friendly business and life. She helps creative entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals overcome their struggles with procrastination, perfectionism and people pleasing.  Find Diann at   In Today’s Episode We Discuss: What counted as ADHD in the early to mid-90s and how still that colors views today How our understanding of ADHD has evolved The patterns of ADHD across generations How a child’s diagnosis might affect their parents ADHD & Trauma Why people with ADHD might not get diagnosed until college The rainbow of colors of ADHD What ADHD adds to our parenting Empathic Time Travel Blame vs. Responsibility The transition from parenting children to parenting adults The echoes of WWII (Wait… What!?!) Radical Self-Acceptance   Links and Such: From Our Guest:   From Our Host: ADHD Essentials Website ADHD Essentials Facebook Group  

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