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720. Power of Meditation - Dr. Joe Dispenza, Natasha Graziano, Vishen Lakhiani, Deepak Chopra & Evie Jennes

28 Aug 2023 • 61 min • EN
61 min
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Hey Heal Squad today we delve into the world of mindfulness, consciousness, and self-discovery with 5 All Stars who have mastered the art of inner exploration with: Dr. Joe Dispenza, renowned neuroscientist and best-selling author; Natasha Graziano, mindfulness coach, spiritual guide, and #1 female motivational speaker under 40; Vishen Lakhiani, author and founder of Mindvalley; Deepak Chopra, pioneer in integrative medicine and spiritual healing; Evie Jennes, meditation teacher and holistic wellness advocate. We discover how breath when combined with meditation can raise our vibration, the power of surrendering and that self-love is where it all begins. Dr. Joe Dispenza Importance of Knowing How: In the current era, it's not enough to just have knowledge; it's crucial to know how to apply that knowledge effectively. Rigidity and Change: Continuously thinking, acting, and feeling the same way can lead to rigidity in biology. Crisis and trauma often prompt change, but we need to proactively change and grow. Natasha Graziano Healing through Breath: Combining the breathwork with meditation puts one in a higher altered vibration state, leading to a breakthrough. Reprogramming the Mind: We can replace self-limiting beliefs with positive ones while in an altered state of awareness, using breathwork and meditation. Vishen Lakhiani Influencing People with Meditation: Meditation and visualization can influence the behavior of people around us in a positive way. Loving Oneself: Self-love is where it begins, look in the mirror and repeat "I love you" to oneself, gradually cultivating self-love. Deepak Chopra Qualities of Consciousness and the Soul: Consciousness is open to infinite possibilities, connected to everything in the universe, and full of wonder, curiosity, and love. Steps of Meditation: Mindfulness, reflection, contemplation, concentration, prayer, quiet mind, controlled breathing, and bliss these steps offer various entry points to meditation and can be combined or practiced individually. Evie Jennes Inner Work and Self-Love: Delved into inner work, forgiveness, and self-love to deepen our healing. Surrender and Breakthrough: Surrendering will lead to profound breakthroughs. HEAL SQUAD SOCIALS IG: TikTok: HEAL SQUAD RESOURCES: Website: Curated Macy’s Page: Rosetta Stone: Noom: Just Thrive: and use promo code: HEALSQUAD ABOUT MARIA MENOUNOS: Emmy Award-winning journalist, TV personality, actress, 2x NYT best-selling author, former pro-wrestler and brain tumor survivor, Maria Menounos’ passion is to see others heal and to get better in all areas of life. ABOUT HEAL SQUAD x MARIA MENOUNOS: A daily digital talk-show that brings you the world's leading healers, experts, and celebrities to share groundbreaking secrets and tips to getting better in all areas of life. DISCLAIMER: This Podcast and all related content [published or distributed by or on behalf of Maria Menounos or] is for informational purposes only and may include information that is general in nature and that is not specific to you. Any information or opinions provided by guest experts or hosts featured within website or on Company’s Podcast are their own; not those of Maria Menounos or the Company. Accordingly, Maria Menounos and the Company cannot be responsible for any results or consequences or actions you may take based on such information or opinions. If you have, or suspect you may have, a health-care emergency, please contact a qualified health care professional for treatment.

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