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711. Reverse Aging w/ Dr. Mark Hyman

10 Aug 2023 • 61 min • EN
61 min
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Hey Heal Squad, today we join the incredible Dr. Mark Hyman as he spills all the secrets to living your longest, healthiest life ever. Trust me,if you struggle with eating choices, have dietary concerns and want to live a longer more productive life, this conversation is for you! Dr. Hyman's groundbreaking book, 'Young Forever,' is like a roadmap to unlock the secrets of aging and how to reverse its effects. He's dishing out wisdom on how dietary changes and simple lifestyle tweaks can transform your health like never before. Oh, and you won't believe the inspiring stories of real people who reversed chronic conditions, thanks to his advice. Say goodbye to heartburn, reflux, and irritable bowel issues! Dr. Hyman will even share the inside scoop on gut health and how it impacts your overall well-being. So get ready to embrace a growth mindset and take charge of your health like a rockstar. Trust me; this episode is life-changing! Reversing biological aging by addressing underlying root causes. Biological aging is now considered a disease, understanding how the body works changes the perspective on aging. Only 6% of Americans are metabolically healthy, the need for dietary changes. Patient success stories, dietary and lifestyle changes lead to improvements, even in complex cases. Sugar and starch consumption contributes to health issues, including infertility and metabolic problems. High-quality diet, and avoidance of processed foods, are crucial for longevity. Gut health plays a critical role in various health conditions, and optimizing it can lead to rapid improvements in symptoms. Supplements and spices, such as vitamin D, fish oil, and green tea extract... HEAL SQUAD SOCIALS IG: TikTok: HEAL SQUAD RESOURCES: Website: Curated Macy’s Page: Rosetta Stone: Noom: Just Thrive: and use promo code: HEALSQUAD ABOUT MARIA MENOUNOS: Emmy Award-winning journalist, TV personality, actress, 2x NYT best-selling author, former pro-wrestler and brain tumor survivor, Maria Menounos’ passion is to see others heal and to get better in all areas of life. ABOUT HEAL SQUAD x MARIA MENOUNOS: A daily digital talk-show that brings you the world's leading healers, experts, and celebrities to share groundbreaking secrets and tips to getting better in all areas of life. DISCLAIMER: This Podcast and all related content [published or distributed by or on behalf of Maria Menounos or] is for informational purposes only and may include information that is general in nature and that is not specific to you. Any information or opinions provided by guest experts or hosts featured within website or on Company’s Podcast are their own; not those of Maria Menounos or the Company. Accordingly, Maria Menounos and the Company cannot be responsible for any results or consequences or actions you may take based on such information or opinions. If you have, or suspect you may have, a health-care emergency, please contact a qualified health care professional for treatment.

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