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If you're like most people, you probably believe that your identity is stable. But in fact, your identity is constantly changing—often outside your conscious awareness and sometimes even against your wishes—to reflect the interests of the groups you belong to. In The Power of Us (Little Brown, Spark, 2021), psychologis

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Tim Houlihan + Kurt Nelson & Dominic Packer 20 Feb 2022 • EN

We Are Greater Together; The Power Of Belonging | Dominic Packer PhD

We all have an inherent need to belong. And the groups we feel part of actually shape our behavior, more than we realize. They influence how we navigate the world and the way we relate to each other. In an increasingly polarized landscape, our social identities are often collapsed into a single dimension; Republican or

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Melina Palmer & Dominic Packer 12 Nov 2021 • EN

The Power of Us with Dr. Dominic Packer

It’s November – a month where many begin to reflect on the year and (at least here in the states) consider the things we are thankful for. It kicks off the holiday season and we may begin to think about those around us whom we may see in person or virtually this holiday. Because of that, it seemed like the perfect time

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