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Pranay Parikh & Batja Mesquita 01 Nov 2023 • EN

E075 - How to take control of your emotions with Batja Mesquita

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Are emotions universal? Do you think people are programmed to feel a certain way in specific situations? Or is there a clear distinction between what makes you feel angry, happy or sad, compared to someone else? Today’s guest is someone whose work I believe can help all of us to make better connections in a fractured,

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A pioneer of cultural psychology argues that emotions are not innate, but made as we live our lives together. We may think of emotions as universal responses, felt inside, but in Between Us: How Cultures Create Emotions (Norton, 2022), acclaimed psychologist Dr. Batja Mesquita asks us to reconsider them through the len

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Ricardo Lopes & Batja Mesquita 28 Nov 2022 • EN

#710 Batja Mesquita - Between Us: How Cultures Create Emotions

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Spencer Bailey + Andrew Zuckerman & Batja Mesquita 03 Oct 2022 • EN

Batja Mesquita on Finding Common Ground Through Emotional Understanding

Social psychologist Batja Mesquita, author of the new book “Between Us: How Cultures Create Emotions” and director of the Center for Social and Cultural Psychology in Leuven, Belgium, discusses the vast impacts that social conditions can have on human emotions, the importance of remaining humble in our perceptions of e

31 min
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Shankar Vedantam & Batja Mesquita 12 Sep 2022 • EN

Decoding Emotions

We like to think that all humans are born with the same core emotions: anger, fear, joy, sadness and disgust.  But what if that's not true? This week, psychologist Batja Mesquita offers a different model of emotions — one that can help us to better understand our own feelings and those of the people around us.  If you

52 min
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