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James Altucher & AJ Jacobs 20 Oct 2023 • EN

Should We Have a Random-ocracy? With AJ Jacobs

Round two with A.J. Jacobs and it's a trip down the democracy lane, but with a twist! A.J. throws a quirky curveball - randomocracy. It's democracy's distant cousin, the one that shows up uninvited but makes the party unforgettable. We dissect it, play around with it, and wonder, could this be a real alternative? A.J.,

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James Altucher & AJ Jacobs 19 Oct 2023 • EN

Can You Solve These Puzzles with Me and A.J.?

Unleashing a realm of curiosity and amusement, this episode of the James Altucher Show welcomes the ever-inventive A.J. Jacobs, who brings along a treasure trove of puzzles from his new daily podcast, "The Puzzler". As A.J. shares the essence behind his latest venture, James steps into the playful challenge, answering

53 min
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Danielle Anne Trussoni is a New York Times,[1] USA Today,[2] and Sunday Times Top 10 bestselling novelist. She has been a Pulitzer Prize in Fiction jurist,[3] and wrote the "Dark Matters" column for the New York Times Book Review for five years, from 2018-2023. She is a graduate of the Iowa Writers Workshop, where she

34 min
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Katy Milkman & AJ Jacobs 11 Sep 2023 • EN

A Cup of Knowledge: With Guests A.J. Jacobs & Steven Sloman

Why do ocean waves move the way they do? How does a toaster work? How might ink flow through a ballpoint pen without the help of gravity? You may know the answer to these questions, but explaining them in detail could reveal an unexpected truth. In this episode of Choiceology with Katy Milkman, we look at why people th

30 min
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Eric Zimmer & AJ Jacobs 01 Aug 2023 • EN

What Puzzles Can Teach Us About Life with A.J. Jacobs

Embark on a mind-expanding journey with author AJ Jacobs as he unravels the paradox of personal growth through puzzles! While challenging assumptions and finding joy in the process, A.J. explores the fascinating conflict between perseverance and giving up too easily and how this applies to solving actual puzzles and th

63 min
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Nicky Campbell & AJ Jacobs 23 May 2023 • EN

Walking in God’s Sandals

Journalist and author AJ Jacobs tells Nicky about his year long mission to understand the bible better - by following every rule it sets. From not shaving the corners of his beard, to stoning adulterers and having to bring his own camping chair on the subway because of some extremely restrictive rules on where he could

39 min
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