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In Season 3, Episode 37, Dr. Bubbs interviews Precision Nutrition Curriculum Director Dr. Krista-Scott Dixon, PhD, to talk about the challenges in the complex world of helping clients integrate nutritional changes.    LINKS DR. SCOTT-DIXON'S WORK: Twitter:   EPISODE SPONSOR: Progressive V

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Courtney Townley & Krista Scott Dixon 24 Mar 2018 • EN

The Necessity of Slowing Down to Nourish Deep Health w/ Krista Scott-Dixon

I am beyond thrilled to have Krista Scott Dixon, the intellectual powerhouse behind Precision Nutrition’s curriculum, back on the show. I specifically invited Krista to come back to the show this month because the way Precision Nutrition goes about helping people return to health, in my opinion, is hugely on point with

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Courtney Townley & Krista Scott Dixon 13 May 2017 • EN

Expanding the Definition of Health w/ Krista Scott Dixon

The health and wellness industry is the ONLY profession I have ever known, because, quite frankly, I love it that much. I have been inspired and educated by some incredibly remarkable women over my career (many of whom have been featured as guests on this show) and today I have the privilege of hosting someone who I ab

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