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Courtney Townley & Evan Zislis 12 Aug 2017 • EN

Living with MORE intention and LESS stuff w/ Evan Zislis

Living life in the 21st century is a blessing in so many ways. We have education at our fingertip and more freedom to choose than ever before. And… Having so many options at our disposal has increased overwhelm, the time, energy and money we spend on this that just aren’t all that important and we are more distracted t

45 min
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Courtney Townley & Evan Zislis 04 Feb 2017 • EN

Simplifying Your Way to Health & Happiness

We are now a full month into 2017 and I am curious how you are doing with your intentions to take better care of yourself this year? I know many women charged into the New Year vowing to themselves that this year would be different; this year they will put their self-care at the top of their to-do list. A few weeks in

41 min
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Courtney Townley & Evan Zislis 29 Oct 2016 • EN

Clutter Free Revolution w/ Evan Zislis

Living life in line with our values (the things we SAY are important to us) is going to first require subtracting things in our life that are underserving us, so we actually have the mental capacity & clarity to focus and give our best to the things we deem MOST important. And that is precisely why I have invited, Evan

42 min
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