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Amantha Imber & Eric Barker 10 Oct 2022 • EN

My Favourite Tip - Eric Barker: How to use the five-hour timer

How much deep work do you get done on the average work day? And I mean DEEP work - completely focused, distraction-free work… An hour? Two? Author Eric Barker does five. Yep, five - every single day. But how does he know for sure? Eric uses a simple countdown timer every day to track his most important work: the kind o

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Michael Gervais & Eric Barker 05 Oct 2022 • EN

The Surprising Science Behind Building Deep Relationships | Eric Barker

This week’s conversation is with Eric Barker, a former Hollywood screen-writer turned author whose dedicated following of over half a million people look to Eric for his (often counter-intuitive) insights and research-backed advice on how to be great at life.  In 2017, Eric penned his Wall Street Journal bestseller Bar

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George Grombacher & Eric Barker 03 Sep 2022 • EN

Book Club featuring Eric Barker

On this edition of the Book Club, Eric Barker talks about his newest book Plays Well with Others: The Surprising Science Behind Why Everything You Know About Relationships is (Mostly) Wrong. Eric is a best-selling author and blogger. For a copy of his book Plays Well with Others, click HERE You can learn more about Eri

18 min
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Scott Barry Kaufman & Eric Barker 01 Sep 2022 • EN

Eric Barker || Plays Well With Others

Today we welcome Eric Barker, the author of The Wall Street Journal bestseller Barking Up the Wrong Tree. His book has sold over half a million copies and has been translated into 19 languages. It was even the subject of a question on “Jeopardy!” Eric is also a sought-after speaker, having given talks at MIT, the Aspen

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Roger Dooley & Eric Barker 26 Aug 2022 • EN

Eric Barker on Plays Well With Others

The last time Eric Barker, we spoke about his book, 'Barking Up The Wrong Tree', the Wall Street Journal best-seller that taught us a science-based approach to success. Next, his brand new book called Plays Well With Others, is an invaluable guide that will help you achieve everything you want with your relationships –

28 min
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Scott Miller & Eric Barker 23 Aug 2022 • EN

Episode #221 Eric Barker

Ask More Questions | Join Wall Street Journal bestselling author Eric Barker as he dispels many of the myths we’ve come to believe about relationships. His research-based approach challenges interpersonal paradigms to lead us all to more fulfilling friendships, love, and community. Loyalty Self-Check: Rate your ability

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