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Community building is a key element of any successful business. Companies who have a well-connected network and create a strong bond with the people tend to thrive in the long run. In today’s episode, management guru Tom Peters joins Steve Farber to discuss the immense power and value of building a community to drive a

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Steve Farber & Jesse Cole 06 Sep 2022 • EN

Looking In On The Savannah Bananas With Jesse Cole

America's favorite pastime has just gotten more fun, thanks to Savannah Bananas! If you have not heard about them or been to their show yet, you are in for a treat! In this episode, you get a sneak peek as owner, the man in the yellow tux, Jesse Cole returns to the show and lets us in on what it's like to have sold out

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Steve Farber & Kute Blackson 13 Jul 2022 • EN

The Magic of Surrender With Kute Blackson

How does surrendering help in striving for success? Today’s guest has the answer. Kute Blackson is a beloved inspirational speaker and transformational teacher. Steve knows him from the Transformational Leadership Council, a select group of one hundred of the world’s foremost authorities in the personal development ind

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Steve Farber & Tony Nader 23 Apr 2021 • EN

Consciousness, Love, And Leadership With Dr. Tony Nader

What does consciousness have to do with leadership, or where can consciousness contribute to leadership? Is consciousness the same as mindfulness? Dr. Tony Nader, a physician, scholar, and thought leader devoted to the expansion of consciousness, says there's much more to it than simply its binary definition of on or o

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Steve Farber & Tom Peters 05 Mar 2021 • EN

Excellence Now (And Forever) With Tom Peters

Tom Peters, yes, THE Tom Peters is on the show! And he has a new book to share to the world called Excellence Now: Extreme Humanism. If you’re one of those people who have yet to experience the magic of the guy, Tom is quite simply one of the most influential management thinkers of our day. A prolific writer known for

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Pursuing a life in the arts is not for those who simply think of a way to earn. It can be tough, and career breakthroughs can arrive late. So why would anyone choose to become an actor, even more, be on Broadway? Steve Farber invites two Broadway legends who can answer that! In this episode, he sits down with Sandra Jo

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