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Darrell Amy + Larry Levine & Andy Paul 11 May 2024 • EN

Andy Paul - How Authenticity and Trust Lead to Selling Success

Andy Paul nearly didn't make it past the sales training class in his first job after college because he was seen as too introverted and analytical. Yet, over the past three decades, he's excelled as an author, sales leader, speaker, and consultant by embracing his distinctive style and approach. He has helped improve t

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Andy Paul & Mike Bosworth 24 Oct 2023 • EN

Master Proposal and Negotiation Avoidance with Mike Bosworth

Mike Bosworth is the author of Solution Selling and co-author of CustomerCentric Selling. Buyers have resistance to sellers and today, Mike shares 2 kinds of avoidance known as proposal avoidance and negotiation avoidance.  He discusses why sellers must work towards a pre-proposal review instead of dropping all the det

43 min
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In this episode, Andy Paul discusses the importance of tracking win rates in sales teams. He shares his experience of finding that most sales teams do not track win rates, which is a crucial metric for understanding the effectiveness of sales efforts. Andy emphasizes the need for salespeople to focus on creating positi

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Andy Paul and Collin Mitchell discuss the problem of low win rates in sales teams. The research that shows average win rates are only around 17%, and how this has become an accepted norm in many sales organizations. Andy argues that sales leaders need to care about improving win rates and focus on helping their sellers

17 min
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Andy Paul & Brandon Fluharty + Howard Brown 20 Jun 2023 • EN

Selling Big Deals and Making Big Money, with Brandon Fluharty and Howard Brown

Brandon Fluharty (VP of Strategic Account Solutions for LivePerson) and my frequent co-host Howard Brown (founder and CEO of On today's episode we're talking about Brandon's speciality: selling big deals and making big money. Brandon's developing quite a following online among sellers who want to learn how

47 min
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Scott Miller & Andy Paul 20 Jun 2023 • EN

Andy Paul: Sell Without Selling Out

Episode 269 | More often than not it’s not about the product – it’s about the relationship. Amp up your sales game whether you’re in sales by profession or not with practical ways to be successful on your own terms. How? By being human. Because, as NYT bestselling author and sales expert Andy Paul would say, ultimately

38 min
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