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Neil Thompson & Sirisha Kuchimanchi 29 Nov 2023 • EN

EP. 283 - Dr. Sirisha Kuchimanchi: from Corporate to Keynote Speaker

Dr. Sirisha Kuchimanchi climbed the corporate ladder for years before leaving it behind to start a new journey. She founded Sahita, a global community for South Asian women. She’s host of the Women, Career and Life podcast, a podcast about women and leadership. She’s also a radio host; Life Beats with Sirisha is the na

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Dr. Sirisha Kuchimanchi and I Discuss What Managers Look for When Making Hiring Decisions, Investing in Your Network BEFORE You Need It, and How to Prepare for a Job While in College. Connect with Dr. Sirisha Kuchimanchi https

22 min
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David Mendes & Sirisha Kuchimanchi 22 Jun 2023 • EN

Navigating Engineering and Manufacturing as a Woman with Sirisha Kuchimanchi

The pace and lifestile in manufacturing and engineering is different from what you find in academic research. So is the culture. Namely, they have been male dominated spaces, historically. This week on Beyond the Thesis With Papa PhD, I will be takling with my guest, Sirisha Kuchumanchi, about how, as a woman in these

53 min
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Tom Reaoch & Sirisha Kuchimanchi 09 May 2023 • EN

Sirisha Kuchimanchi, Sahita Global Community, Dallas, Texas

Sirisha Kuchimanchi, Founder of Sahita, a Global Community for South Asia Women to Achieve Career & Financial Empowerment. Sirisha is also an Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker and Podcast Host of Women, Career & Life.

25 min
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How to suppor women in the workplace and the challenges they face with non-promotable tasks and communication barriers in meetings. In this interview with Brenda Peyser, we discuss, What is a non-promotable tasks and how it can limit career advancement opportunities for womenTips for identifying non-promotable tasks an

52 min
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Ep. 25: Eating disorder is a mental health issue not just a manifestation of body or food challenges. Eating disorders can be typecast as afflicting teenage girls or by income level. It has a significant impact on the individual and family can can have extreme consequences, not a matter to be taken lightly. As a societ

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