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Paul Middlebrooks & Andrea Martin 28 Jun 2023 • EN

BI 169 Andrea Martin: Neural Dynamics and Language

Support the show to get full episodes and join the Discord community. Check out my free video series about what's missing in AI and Neuroscience My guest today is Andrea Martin, who is the Research Group Leader in the department of Language and Computation in Neural Systems at the Max Plank Institute and the Donders In

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Shaun Newman & Andrea Martin 23 Dec 2022 • EN

#361 - Andrea Martin

Nutritionist and proud mom. Andrea tells the story of being stuck in a Hamilton hospital and having her 9 month old tested against her will.  Let me know what you think Text me 587-217-8500

79 min
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Neil Thompson & Andrea Martin 24 Aug 2022 • EN

EP. 217: Building the career you want with Andrea Martin

Building the career you want with Andrea Martin Andrea Martin founded Andrea Martin Consulting to help people advance in their careers. She’s also host of the Career Confessions Podcast. I follow her on LinkedIn, and after commenting on one of her posts, she said that it’d be cool for us to have a conversation on a pod

29 min
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In this episode, Andrea Martin shares her experiences working in a male-dominated environment and how it has taught her to exercise her voice and drive change. As a coach, she helps her clients overcome common obstacles that hinder career progression by setting and achieving their goals. She also emphasizes the importa

37 min
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