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Nick Hanauer 31 Oct 2023 • EN

Nick Hanauer: Corporate Bullsh*t

America’s economic elites have always told lies to protect their own interests. “Corporate Bullsh*t”: a new book by Nick Hanauer, Joan Walsh, and Donald Cohen looks to explain these lies and teach how to fight back. Nick joins David Rothkopf to break down the six categories of falsehoods that the wealthiest one percent

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Nick Hanauer & Donald Cohen 24 Oct 2023 • EN

Corporate Bullsh*t (with Joan Walsh and Donald Cohen)

Politicians and business interests have lied to the American people for centuries in order to protect their power and profits—and they tell the exact same lies every single time. Nick has co-written a book titled Corporate Bullsh*t with Joan Walsh and Donald Cohen, which reveals this trickle-down duplicity as plain as

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The majority of U.S. workers aren’t compensated anywhere near the value that they actually create for society, while the few who make the most money often work the least and contribute very little. Decades of neoliberal thinking has twisted one of the foundational American beliefs—the idea that hard work eventually rea

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Nick Hanauer & Michael Sandel 26 Sep 2023 • EN

The Tyranny of Merit (with Michael Sandel)

In this wide-ranging conversation with one of our favorite authors, philosopher Michael Sandel explains how the concept of meritocracy has helped to create such a massive divide in American politics and culture.  Michael Sandel is a world-renowned philosopher who teaches political philosophy at Harvard University. His

57 min
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Nick Hanauer & Michael Lind 08 Aug 2023 • EN

Wages need a revolution (with Michael Lind)

Today we’re talking about wages—specifically, how the widespread suppression of wages is destroying the American economy. Author, professor, and fellow traveler Michael Lind just published a new book titled “Hell to Pay” that argues America is in need of a revolution in the way we think about work and wages. Lind warns

41 min
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Nick Hanauer + David Goldstein & Brendan Ballou 25 Jul 2023 • EN

Private equity’s plan to pillage America (with Brendan Ballou)

Over the last decade, private equity firms wiped out nearly 600,000 jobs in the retail sector by taking over and bankrupting major retailers like Toys R Us and Payless Shoes. But in that same time, private equity also destroyed companies in healthcare, housing, medicine, and many other industries that affect our everyd

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