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Nick Hanauer & Michael Lind 08 Aug 2023 • EN

Wages need a revolution (with Michael Lind)

Today we’re talking about wages—specifically, how the widespread suppression of wages is destroying the American economy. Author, professor, and fellow traveler Michael Lind just published a new book titled “Hell to Pay” that argues America is in need of a revolution in the way we think about work and wages. Lind warns

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EPISODE 1468: In this KEEN ON show, Andrew talks to the author of HELL TO PAY, Michael Lind, about how the suppression of wages and unions is destroying America Michael Lind is the author of more than a dozen books of nonfiction, fiction, and poetry, including The New Class War, The Next American Nation, and Land of Pr

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Andrew Sullivan & Michael Lind 07 Apr 2023 • EN

Michael Lind On Populism And Elites

This is a free preview of a paid episode. To hear more, visit andrewsullivan.substack.com Michael, an old friend and acquaintance, is a writer and academic. He’s taught at Harvard, Johns Hopkins and UT-Austin. He’s been an editor or staff writer for The New Yorker, Harper’s and The New Republic, where I published him o

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Jack Murphy & Michael Lind 13 Apr 2021 • EN

Michael Lind - JML #053

Jack Murphy speaks with author Michael Lind, who breaks down a critical aspect to understanding the battle for America: the New Class War. Lind argues that managerial, blue-check marked elites dominate our institutions, disempowering the working class, and place political wedges between us all. Find more of Lind's work

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Andrew Keen & Michael Lind 13 Jan 2021 • EN

Michael Lind on Class Warfare

In this episode of Keen On, Andrew is joined by Michael Lind, the author of The New Class War, to discuss the recent riots in the nation's capital and to examine how it is that America arrived at such a violent and confrontational crossroads in its history.

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In Episode 120 of Hidden Forces, Demetri Kofinas speaks with Michael Lind, a highly accomplished intellectual, writer, and academic about his latest book “The New Class War.” According to Michael Lind, the animating force behind the new class war is not income or wealth inequality but power. The old spectrum of left an

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