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Lisa Barwise & Robert Yoho 04 Mar 2022 • EN

68: Healthcare Corruption Exposed with Dr Robert Yoho

This is a hard hitting episode will challenge your beliefs and thoughts about the current healthcare system. We"re invited Dr Robert Yoho onto the podcast to help us to first bring light to corruption we know to be true but also to help us to navigate it. Dr. Yoho is 68 years old and calls himself a healthcare whistleb

52 min
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Lisa Barwise & Diann Wingert 18 Mar 2021 • EN

40: Self Care starts with Boundaries with Diann Wingert

Boundaries are a form of self-care. When you set boundaries, you are taking care of yourself. ... Boundaries can help you manage stress, take care of your physical well-being, and create healthy relationships.  For  example, when you say no to working late because you"re overtired,  you"re prioritizing your need for re

61 min
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