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Mridu Parikh 04 Jan 2024 • EN

How to Plan Your Best Year Ever with Mridu Parikh

Ready to wake up with a plan that works? Then you need Mridu Parikh on speed dial. Overwhelmed women work with Mridu to focus so they take control of their demands and distractions – at work and at home. Every day for the first week of 2024, a new guest expert joins host Lori Oberbroeckling to share the secrets, the st

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Mridu Parikh is the Founder and Productivity Coach at "Life Is Organized" who specializes in "productivity and time management" for women business owners. Here’s where to find more: Site: FB: LI: IG: https://w

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OVERVIEW: Life is life. It's not just work. Mridu Parikh is a productivity coach, best-selling author of Accomplish It, founder of Life is Organized, and host of the Productivity on Purpose Podcast. In today's episode, Jason A. Duprat, MBA, CRNA, Healthcare Practitioner, and Host of the Healthcare Boss Academy podcast,

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George Grombacher & Mridu Parikh 19 Jan 2023 • EN

How to Plan your Day with Mridu Parikh

LifeBlood: We talked about how to plan your day, the three steps for becoming more productive and feeling less guilty and stressed, how to get more done, and how to get started with Mridu Parikh, Founder of Life is Organized and productivity coach. Listen to learn the best time to plan out your day! You can learn more

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María Tomás-Keegan & Mridu Parikh 03 Aug 2022 • EN

From Overwhelmed to In Control with Mridu Parikh

Are you a busy career woman struggling to find the balance between your demanding job, family and caregiving responsibilities, and daily distractions? If so, you"re not alone, as many women struggle to achieve work-life balance in today"s fast-paced world. That"s why I"d like to introduce you to Mridu Parikh, a former

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George Grombacher & Mridu Parikh 08 Jul 2022 • EN

Stop Wasting Time with Mridu Parikh

LifeBlood: We talked about how to stop wasting time, making the shift away from feeling like a failure to feeling like a success, wasting time versus planning for downtime, and how to give yourself permission to relax, with Mridu Parikh, Founder and Productivity Coach with Life is Organized.   Listen to learn why plann

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