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Jennifer Calderon & Claudia Chudzik 26 Apr 2022 • EN

18 | Choosing Authenticity Over Perfectionism with Claudia Chudzik

Claudia Chudzik is a videographer with a corporate CX background who describes herself as a human design enthusiast with a passion for showcasing people’s souls on video.  When she left her successful corporate career to start her own business she initially intended to be a CX consultant. In need of photo and video ass

39 min
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Jennifer Calderon & Wes Schaeffer 16 Feb 2022 • EN

16 | Make Every Sale with Wes Schaeffer

Wes Shaeffer, also known as The Sales Whisperer, started his sales career when he got out of the Air Force in 1987. What started as a career in selling mobile homes has grown into a successful, systematized program to help others “make every sale.” Wes believes that having clear systems and structure in your sales prog

33 min
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Jennifer Calderon & Diann Wingert 25 Jan 2022 • EN

13 | Letting Go of Perfectionism with Diann Wingert

Diann Wingert, Founder of Diann Wingert Coaching, is a mindset coach for entrepreneurs. Diann’s background is in fitness, medical sales and psychotherapy. She left her job as a psychotherapist to pursue coaching because she wanted to shift her focus from helping people overcome past traumas to helping entrepreneurs rea

40 min
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Jennifer Calderon & Annie P. Ruggles 16 Nov 2021 • EN

06 | How to Make a Non-Sleazy Sale with Annie Ruggles

Despite being the granddaughter of a literal used car salesman, Annie Ruggles, has spent the last decade harnessing her Hulk-like disdain for hard sales, tacky self-promotion and overly competitive sleaze balls, as inspiration to help people find better ways to grow their business.  As Founder and Dean of The Non-Sleaz

36 min
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