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18 | Choosing Authenticity Over Perfectionism with Claudia Chudzik

26 Apr 2022 • 39 min • EN
39 min
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Claudia Chudzik is a videographer with a corporate CX background who describes herself as a human design enthusiast with a passion for showcasing people’s souls on video.  When she left her successful corporate career to start her own business she initially intended to be a CX consultant. In need of photo and video assets for her own business she picked up the camera she had long since forgotten about. As she was creating content for her CX business she realized she was happiest when she was behind the camera and started following what she refers to as “happy crumbs.” As she started doing more and more of what she loved, she pivoted her new business and started pursuing videography full time.  You can see her work at or on Instagram @claudiachudzik  Listen to today’s episode to find out: 4:30 how many photo/video assets you need to promote your business 4:57 why a pretty picture might not be THE BEST picture you need to represent yourself or your business 5:41 what it meant for Claudia to follow “happy crumbs” 11:58 how the pandemic shifted what customer’s need from the companies and brands they follow 13:10 how the hierarchy of needs plays into how you present your company 16:16 why customers are craving more authenticity from the brands they follow 19:50 the limiting belief that was holding Claudia back from growing her business (maybe it’s holding you back too) 21:57 what she means when Claudia says “everything has a soul” 22:35 marrying your head and your heart in your business 23:46 moving away from pain points in your marketing to understanding the bigger why behind the product you are creating 26:07 the important of being authentic in the way we show up with our customers 29:27 setting boundaries in your business in what you share online with your customers 33:00 why quantity of videos may be more important than quality of videos when you first start 34:14 why YOU do not need to be on camera to help your business grow

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