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Episode 191: ZKPs & the Dichotomy of Privacy vs Transparency with Josh & Jill

28 Jul 2021 • 68 min • EN
68 min
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This week, Anna ( and Josh ( chat with Jill Gunter ( (nèe Carlson), a well-known investor and crypto advocate, to dive deep into the eternal dilemma of privacy vs. transparency and how ZKPs can finally give us the tools to be more nuanced about our society’s approach to privacy. Starting from Jill’s background as a bond trader on Wall Street, the conversation quickly shifts into how the need for transparency in the financial system and the ability to root out bad actors clashes with the need to maintain individual privacy. This topic touches aspects such as crypto & DeFi privacy, how regulation may be applied to them, and why ZKPs and their power of selective disclosure can change the paradigm of privacy. Here are some links for this episode: Josh Cincinnati on Zcash, governance and leaving the Zcash Foundation, Zero Knowledge Episode 143 ( The Why & How of Privacy for DAOs, Zero Knowledge Episode 190 ( Analyzing Osmosis & Preventing MEV with Sunny and Dev, Zero Knowledge Episode 188 ( Make sure to subscribe to the zkMesh ( newsletter, a curated list of all the latest happenings in ZK land, coming out every month. The next installment is slated for the first week of August. Thanks to this week’s sponsor, Least Authority (! Least Authority is a leader in the security of distributed systems. They provide security consulting services, develop open source products and contribute to the advancement of learning and research in the field. They have recently published a whitepaper on Zero Knowledge Access Passes, a protocol that enables users to access services without revealing personal information. Least Authority also reached a notable milestone this month with the completion of their 100th security audit. To read their published audits, which include multiple projects on Ethereum, Tezos and other notable ecosystems, and to check out the ZKAPs whitepaper visit their website ( If you like what we do: Follow us on Twitter - @zeroknowledgefm ( Join us on Telegram ( Catch us on Youtube ( Read up on the r/ZKPodcast subreddit ( Give us feedback! - Support our Gitcoin Grant ( Support us on the ZKPatreon ( Donate through coinbase.commerce ( Or directly here: ETH: 0xC0FFEE1B5083230a5154F55f253B6b6ae8F29B1a BTC: 1cafekGa3podM4fBxPSQc6RCEXQNTK8Zz ZEC: t1R2bujRF3Hzte9ALHpMJvY8t5kb9ut9SpQ

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