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This week, Anna ( catches up with Zaki Manian (, co-founder of Iqlusion ( and Sommelier ( They embark on a comprehensive recap of the history of Cosmos to-date, covering all ground since their last interview 2

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Anna Rose & Justin Drake 14 Dec 2022 • EN

Episode 258: Ultrasound Money & VRFs with Justin Drake

In this episode, Anna ( explores the concept of Ultrasound Money with Justin Drake ( from the Ethereum Foundation ( They kick off with updates on his work in VDFs, MEV and censorship resistance, alongside his particular

64 min
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Anna Rose & Zaki Manian + Dean Tribble 03 Aug 2022 • EN

Episode 239: IST and Designing Stablecoins in Cosmos

In this week’s episode, Anna ( catches up with Zaki Manian ( from Sommelier ( and Dean Tribble ( from Agoric ( They check-in with the latest project news, recap about the

63 min
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Josh Cincinnati + Anna Rose & Georgios Konstantopoulous 30 Mar 2022 • EN

Episode 224: Foundry with Georgios Konstantopoulous

This week, Anna ( & Tarun ( catch up with Georgios Konstantopoulos ( from Paradigm ( - a well-known OG crypto VC. They chat about his move to CTO at the firm, the team he has built and what they are wo

69 min
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Tarun Chitra + Anna Rose & Sreeram Kannan 09 Feb 2022 • EN

Episode 217: Information Theory & Blockchain with Sreeram Kannan

This week, Anna ( and Tarun Chitra ( chat with Sreeram Kannan (, Associate Professor at University of Washington where he runs the UW Blockchain Lab. In this episode, they look at how information theory and blockchain inters

94 min
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Anna Rose & Dankrad Feist 20 Oct 2021 • EN

Episode 202: Stateless Ethereum & Verkle Tries with Dankrad Feist

This week, Anna ( speaks with Dankrad Feist (, a researcher at the Ethereum Foundation. They talk about the future of the ETH client infrastructure, the merge, the difference between merkle trees and verkle tries, and more. They also explore how concepts that or

61 min
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