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Josh Cincinnati + Anna Rose & Emre Tekişalp + Izaak Meckler 29 Sep 2021 • EN

Episode 199: Snapps on Mina with Emre and Izaak

In this week’s episode, Anna (https://twitter.com/AnnaRRose) chats with Emre Tekişalp (https://twitter.com/etekis) and Izaak Meckler (twitter.com/izmeckler) about what’s new with Mina, O(1) Labs, the network launch and of course the anticipated release of Snapps to testnet later this year. We learn all about how Snapps

61 min
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Josh Cincinnati + Anna Rose & Izaak Meckler 22 Jan 2020 • EN

Episode 113: Latest recursive SNARKitecture with Izaak Meckler from O(1)Labs

In this week’s episode, we catch up with Izaak Meckler from 0(1) Labs to talk about launching a recursive snark based incentivised test net, a recap of recursive SNARKs, updates on the working SNARKitecture, and a look at what's next for the project. We also touch on some new use-cases and ideas for how zkps may be a c

51 min
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Josh Cincinnati + Anna Rose & Izaak Meckler + Evan Shapiro 05 Dec 2018 • EN

Episode 54: Digging into recursive zkSNARKs with Coda

In this week's episode, we sit down with Izaak Meckler & Evan Shapiro from O(1) Labs to discuss Coda, a blockchain using recursive composition of zkSNARKs to eliminate history. We discuss recursive zkSNARKs generally, what a recursive zkSNARK construction blockchain would look like, and the challenges in implementing t

52 min
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Meher Roy + Sunny Aggarwal & Izaak Meckler + Evan Shapiro 12 Jul 2018 • EN

Evan Shapiro & Izaak Meckler: Coda – A Succinct Blockchain

One of the key scalability challenges with public cryptocurrency blockchains is that their size grows linearly with the number of transactions. Mature blockchains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum contain >170GB and >1 TB of historical data respectively. New nodes joining these chains need to download this data and verify i

53 min
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