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Episode 258: Ultrasound Money & VRFs with Justin Drake

14 Dec 2022 • 64 min • EN
64 min
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In this episode, Anna ( explores the concept of Ultrasound Money with Justin Drake ( from the Ethereum Foundation ( They kick off with updates on his work in VDFs, MEV and censorship resistance, alongside his particular interests in ZK and how the progress VRFs have made can be applied in Ethereum’s POS architecture. They then dive into the original concept of Ultrasound Money and where Justin sees it progressing to in the future, including the current status around issuance. Here are some additional links for this episode: Episode 74: Blockchain 101: Randomness and Random Beacons with Justin Drake ( Episode 120: ZKPs in Ethereum with Vitalik Buterin & Justin Drake ( Episode 168: Flashbots with Phil Daian and Stephane Gosselin ( Zero Knowledge Episodes on zkEVMs ( ZK Whiteboard Sessions: Module Fourteen - Nova Crash Course with Justin Drake ( MevWatch.Info ( DeFi Llama ( L2BEAT ( Ultrasound.Money Website ( RISC Zero announce the next version of their ZKVM is now available on GitHub at ( Today’s episode is sponsored by Mina Protocol ( The need for private, trustless solutions is clear. A new era of ZK powered decentralized applications is coming – and Mina is the place to build them. Introducing Mina’s zkIgnite Cohort 0, where developers complete tutorials and build zero knowledge apps, or zkApps, and get rewarded. There are a quarter-of-a-million MINA tokens up for grabs for zkIgnite Cohort 0 participants. Cohort 0 is finishing soon so head to ( to get involved today. If you are tuning in to this podcast later, no worries! Mina will be launching additional zkIgnite Cohorts, just head to ( to check out the best way to get involved. If you like what we do: * Find all our links here! @ZeroKnowledge | Linktree ( * Subscribe to our podcast newsletter ( * Follow us on Twitter @zeroknowledgefm ( * Join us on Telegram ( * Catch us on Youtube ( * Head to the ZK Community Forum ( * Support our Gitcoin Grant (

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