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Tarun Chitra + Anna Rose & Sunny Aggarwal + Dev Ojha 07 Jul 2021 • EN

Episode 188: Analyzing Osmosis & Preventing MEV with Sunny and Dev

This week, Anna ( and Tarun ( chat with Sunny Aggarwal ( and Dev Ojha ( about their new project Osmosis, an AMM built into the Cosmos ecosystem using the IBC interoperability protocol. Osmosis brin

77 min
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Josh Cincinnati + Anna Rose & Nick Spooner + Dev Ojha 29 Jan 2020 • EN

Episode 114: Exploring the Fractal transparent SNARK construction

This week, we explore the Fractal transparent SNARK construction with its authors Dev Ojha ( and Nick Spooner ( - both students of Alessandro Chiesa ( at UC Berkeley. We explore how Fractal works, how it

50 min
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