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The Non Sleazy Sales Strategist Annie Ruggles

10 Oct 2022 • 73 min • EN
73 min
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Today’s guest, Annie Ruggles brings the funny and the info needed on sales. Sales is such a dirty word these days and scares business owners off from marketing their own business.  She teaches entrepreneurs how to sale without using sleazy strategies. We go over what sales tactics is actually sleazy. And how to make sales by doing it honestly and not dirty.  Her podcast is titled Too Legiminate to Quit.  Join non-sleazy sales specialist Annie P. Ruggles and highly successful but utterly relatable guests as they decode the marketing, mindset, sales etc. Her  awesome academy The Non-Sleazy Sales Academy is will get you comfortable with sales. She has multiple digital products to help you builld your busines and make money! Annie has 11 yrs of serving solopreneurs and entrepreneurs 200 plus satisfied customers Featured on 75 plus podcasts And the podcast Too legitimate to quit is an award winning podcast and in the top 2%   Annie Ruggles graces her presence and schools us on sales and cracks me up the whole time. You can check out Annie's website here. Check out my Link Tree to stay in touch with my latest happenings here.

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