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Your Business Should Support Your Life, Not Consume It with Kris Ward

17 Oct 2023 • 43 min • EN
43 min
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When you ask most women why they decided to leave their career and start a business, they will tell you that they wanted more freedom. But, years later, they are working more hours, for less money and are feeling less freedom than they did before. What’s wrong with this picture?  Well, in order to create a business instead of a job without benefits, we need to develop systems that are reproducible and start building a team (even if its just one part time, virtual assistant) to take on the tasks that you aren’t good at.   Spending the time and energy to learn how to do all the things necessary to run a small business is a trap, and systems and outsourcing are the way out of that trap.  Today’s guest, Kris Ward knows first hand that productivity is not getting more done, it’s getting the right things done and delegating the rest.   Here are a few takeaways from this episode 🌟:  1️⃣ Embrace the Power of Focused Action: Learn how to interrupt the pattern of overthinking and perfectionism and make progress by focusing on what comes next. 2️⃣ Build a Dream Team: Discover the systems that can save you time and energy by building a team that supports your business goals. Kris emphasizes the benefits of delegation, implementing systems, and empowering team members to become like little CEOs in their own departments. 3️⃣ Create a Business that Supports Your Life: Don't let your business consume your every waking hour. Learn how to implement effective goal-setting practices and take laptop-free vacations. Kris emphasizes the importance of aligning your business with your desired lifestyle for true success. Kris also shares her framework for Power Personalities. Each one has a struggle & a strength and most solopreneurs and small business owners can identify with at least one of them. They are: FocusitisSuferpreneurPerfectionizerJuggleramaRushaholic   Which one are you? Take Kris’ quiz: https://bit.ly/3F6zBL3 Mentioned in this episode, by our guest:  Scrum framework by Jeff Sutherland https://www.scrum.org/resources/scrum-guide   Other ways to connect with Kris Ward beyond this episode: Website:  https://winthehourwintheday.com/     Podcast: https://winthehourwintheday.com/podcast/   If you are ready to scale and systematize your business, Kris Ward knows her stuff (can’t you tell?). BUT, if you need help with uncovering your most profitable offer before you scale, what makes your business (and you) unique so you can stand out from the crowd, and aren’t quite sure what business model is right-sized for you, my Boss Up Breakthrough framework is where you should start before you scale.  Want to know more? Schedule a free consultation here: https://bit.ly/3qrJ9YQ   My favorite place to connect online is Linked In, click here to subscribe to my LinkedIn newsletter: https://bit.ly/3MAalS   Have you grabbed my private podcast yet? You listen in the same podcast player where you hear this show, and the private podcast “Show Up Like a Boss” is like a back stage pass to working with me. Check it out!  <a...

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