What's So Good About Being Awkward with Henna Pryor

09 Jan 2024 • 42 min • EN
42 min
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Even though the pandemic is now over, society and culture have adapted to detachment.  We interact through social media and Zoom screens, we DoorDash, Amazon and chat bot so well that social skills are becoming a past time of previous generations. Many of us feel pretty awkward around others these days, and some avoid it as much as possible through technology.  But, human beings are built for connection, even the introverts and though social relatedness is called a soft skill, it’s getting harder all the time.  Today’s guest, Henna Pryor, is an author and TEDx speaker known for her work on embracing awkwardness in the modern age. She is passionate about empowering individuals to navigate social interactions and build resilience in the digital era. Henna's expertise in addressing the impact of technology on human connections makes her the perfect guest for this discussion. Key Takeaways from the Episode: 1. Embracing "Good Awkward": Henna concept challenges the idea of awkwardness as a weakness and emphasizes its potential as a valuable asset for personal growth  2. Prioritizing Soft Skills: In a world increasingly reliant on technology, our discussion highlighted the importance of cultivating soft skills to navigate social dynamics  3. Facing Discomfort for Growth: We explored the significance of embracing moments of awkwardness and discomfort as essential opportunities for building social musculature. Henna’s Book: https://pryoritygroup.com/book/ Henna’s TedX talk: https://bit.ly/3TNCQPN Mentioned by our guest:  Pico Iyer: https://picoiyerjourneys.com/ Mitch Joel: https://www.mitchjoel.com/ If you are ready to stop feeling awkward about getting help with your business, this is a perfect time to work with me through my Boss Up Breakthrough framework.  We’ll uncover your unique brilliance,  how to stand out and be sought after and become the no brainer choice for your perfect fit clients.   I’lll help you Boss Up your boundaries, your offers, your pricing, and your marketing strategy and remove anything that keeps you a best kept secret.  We will also make sure you are including mental wellness in your business plan so that you’re not just successful on the outside, but aligned with your values, and priorities on the inside.   Want to know more?  Schedule a free consultation here: https://bit.ly/3qrJ9YQ Not quite ready to work with me, but wonder what it would be like? Grab my private podcast,  “Show Up Like a Boss”.  It’s free, and you listen to it in the same podcast player where you hear this show.  It’s kind of like a backstage pass to working with me, includes 10 clips of me coaching and tips for how to apply the strategies to your own business and life.  Check it out:  https://bit.ly/3ZOD3CK To put these insights to work in your life, ask yourself these questions: 1. In what ways have you experienced avoiding awkwardness or uncomfortable situations in your career or personal life? What were the trade-offs and risks involved in these situations? 2. How do you balance the use of technology in your business with the need for face-to-face interactions and social connections for both personal and professional growth? 3. Do you encourage seeking and...

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