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89. Helping Physicians achieve Passive Wealth through Real Estate with Pranay Parikh

29 Mar 2023 • 37 min • EN
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ABOUT PRANAY PARIKH Dr. Pranay Parikh is a full-time physician, Co-Founder and President of Ascent Equity Group, online course creator, and host of the MD to Entrepreneur Podcast. Dr. Parikh started out as a fresh attending with zero business experience. Despite loving his job and medicine, he didn't feel like he had financial security or control over his time. Today, he is a serial entrepreneur and practices medicine on his own terms.  He has a passion for helping other doctors reach financial independence and do more of what they love. Dr. Pranay consistently strives to become the best version of himself whether it be in business, education, fitness, marriage, or family.         THIS TOPIC IN A NUTSHELL:   Pranay’s background and why he got into real estate Getting into his first deal and Syndication  Creating an online course Partnership and Fund to fund deals Building a brand with partners The learning curve with buying properties Investing in Real Estate from a doctor's perspective Investing in Tools and App for Investor’s privacy Obstacles encountered as a doctor and how to overcome those Doing pre-mortem in all deals Advice to his 25-year-old self First Entrepreneurial Endeavor Formal and informal training that shaped his journey  His biggest mistake and what he learned from it Connect with Pranay          KEY QUOTE:   “What beats mindset or any issues is Action. You'll get past those obstacles if you just take action. The mindset issue is still gonna be there, but the more action you take, the quieter and quieter is that voice gonna get at the back of your head.”               SUMMARY OF BUSINESS: Ascent Equity Group is a nationally focused real estate investment firm that seeks to acquire cash-flow and tax-efficient opportunities that allow our investors to grow and preserve wealth outside the stock market. Ascent Equity Group is built by doctors, for doctors. With decades of experience investing in projects covering single-family, multi-family, and mixed-use, we know all the ins and outs of introducing and onboarding new or experienced physicians to our portfolio. Our mission is to serve as a touchstone for our physicians and to give them the ability to passively invest and build returns while simultaneously shielding them from the day-to-day responsibilities of property management.             ABOUT THE WESTSIDE INVESTORS NETWORK     The Westside Investors Network is your community for investing knowledge for growth. For real estate professionals by real estate professionals. This show is focused on the next step in your career... investing, for those starting with nothing to multifamily syndication.       The Westside Investors Network strives to bring knowledge and education to real estate professional that is seeking to gain more freedom in their life. The host AJ and Chris Shepard, are committed to sharing the wealth of knowledge that they have gained throughout the years to allow others the opportunity to learn and grow in their investing. They own Uptown Properties, a successful Property Management, and Brokerage Company. If you are interested in Property Management in the Portland Metro or Bend Metro Areas, please visit www.uptownpm.com. If you are interested in investing in multifamily syndication, please visit www.uptownsyndication.com.           #realestateinvesting #passiveincome #REinvesting #cashflow #MultiFamily #PropertyManagement #RealEstateSyndication #Doctors #Physicians #DoctorsHelpingDoctors # Podcaster #NestEgg #AscentEquity #PassiveInvesting #DoctorDads #FinancialIndependence #MedicalProfessionals #OnelineCourseCreator #Entrepreneur #PassiveInvestors #WealthCreation #Apartments #ApartmentInvesting #newepisode #podcasting #RoadToFinancialFreedom #WIN #JointheWINpod #WestsideInvestorsNetwork         CONNECT WITH PRANAY PARIKH:   Website: https://ascentequitygroup.com Facebook: @AscentEquityGroup@PranayParikh Instagram:  @AscentEquityGroup LinkedIn: @ascentequitygroup@Pranay Parikh Podcast: https://www.frommd.com               CONNECT WITH US     For more information about investing with AJ and Chris:   ·    Uptown Syndication | https://www.uptownsyndication.com/   ·    LinkedIn | https://www.linkedin.com/company/71673294/admin/             For information on Portland Property Management:   ·    Uptown Properties | http://www.uptownpm.com   ·    Youtube | @UptownProperties         Westside Investors Network   ·    Website | https://www.westsideinvestorsnetwork.com/   ·    Twitter | https://twitter.com/WIN_pdx   ·    Instagram | @westsideinvestorsnetwork   ·    LinkedIn | https://www.linkedin.com/groups/13949165/   ·    Facebook | @WestsideInvestorsNetwork   ·    Youtube | @WestsideInvestorsNetwork  

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