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AJ Shepard + Chris Shepard & Chris Larsen 24 May 2023 • EN

97. Deal deep-dive: Unleash your Next-Level Income through Syndication with Chris Larsen

ABOUT CHRIS LARSEN Christopher Larsen is the founder and Principal of Next-Level Income. Since “retiring” after 18 years in the medical device industry he dedicates his time to helping others become financially independent through education and investment opportunities. Chris has been investing in and managing real est

41 min
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AJ Shepard + Chris Shepard & Pranay Parikh 29 Mar 2023 • EN

89. Helping Physicians achieve Passive Wealth through Real Estate with Pranay Parikh

ABOUT PRANAY PARIKH Dr. Pranay Parikh is a full-time physician, Co-Founder and President of Ascent Equity Group, online course creator, and host of the MD to Entrepreneur Podcast. Dr. Parikh started out as a fresh attending with zero business experience. Despite loving his job and medicine, he didn't feel like he had f

37 min
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ABOUT VICTOR BELL Victor Bell has transacted over $59 million in real estate transactions in seven states including Hawaii, Arizona, Texas, North Carolina, Vegas, Ohio, and Michigan. Victor is also known as one of Amazon's #1 best-selling authors, a real estate trainer, and a top speaker on leadership, real estate inve

36 min
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AJ Shepard + Chris Shepard & Chris Prefontaine 11 Jan 2023 • EN

79: Deal deep-dive: Real Estate Investing on your Terms with Chris Prefontaine

ABOUT CHRIS PREFONTAINE Chris Prefontaine is the four-time best-selling author of Real Estate on Your Terms, The New Rules of Real Estate Investing, and Sell with Authority for Real Estate Investors. He's also the Founder of the Wicked Smart companies and host of the Smart Real Estate Coach podcast. He's been in real e

28 min
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AJ Shepard + Chris Shepard & Noah Rosenfarb 14 Dec 2022 • EN

76. Raising capital through funds with Noah Rosenfarb

ABOUT NOAH ROSENFARB Noah Rosenfarb is a 3rd generation CPA that built Freedom Family Office to help entrepreneurs produce predictable income, create their ideal life and build their legacy. He has written four books, took a company he founded public, sold eight companies, and completed over 45 real estate investments.

40 min
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AJ Shepard + Chris Shepard & Scott Trench 21 Sep 2022 • EN

65. How to avoid the middle-class trap with Scott Trench

ABOUT SCOTT TRENCH Scott Trench is the CEO and President of BiggerPockets. An active real estate investor and licensed agent in Denver, CO. He was named President and CEO in 2018 and continues to be a passionate real estate investor and personal finance junkie.     He is also the author of Set for Life, co-author of Fi

43 min
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