Unveiling My AI Toolkit: 11 Must-Have Marketing Tools

22 Feb 2024 • 32 min • EN
32 min
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I"m your host, Neal Schaffer, and today"s episode is a special one that I"m particularly excited about. In the rapidly evolving landscape of digital marketing, AI tools have become indispensable for driving efficiency, effectiveness, and accuracy in our strategies. And I"m here to pull back the curtain on the AI tools that I personally rely on. In this episode, we"ll delve into the revolutionary changes that AI has brought to content creation, from intuitive platforms like Jasper, which I use to craft blog outlines and FAQs, to the emerging AI search engine, Perplexity AI that"s changing how we ask questions online. We"ll talk about the generative AI SEO landscape, the importance of tools like Frase for blog post optimization, and dip our toes into the latest in social media content generation with Google Gemini. For all the podcasters out there, tools like Buzzsprout"s cohost AI and the advanced capabilities of CastMagic will be on our list, showing you how to streamline your content production. Social media mavens, get ready to maximize your influence with automated tools like SocialBee, Pin Generator, and the promising newcomer, Taplio for LinkedIn. But that"s not all. My upcoming book and its companion workbook are just around the corner. I"m excited to share the progress, insights, and how you could be part of the launch team. As we explore these eleven AI tools, their unique features, and how they integrate into our digital strategies, remember, this episode is more than just a list—it"s a look into the future of marketing, and how these tools can propel your business forward. So whether you"re a seasoned digital marketer or just starting out, gear up for an episode packed with actionable insights and tips for harnessing the power of AI in your daily work. Don"t forget to check the show notes for links to all the tools we"ll be discussing. Your feedback is invaluable, so feel free to reach out after the episode. Ready to become more tech-savvy, efficient, and successful in digital marketing? Let"s dive in! AI TOOL OF THE WEEK Get Started Using Adobe Express for Free THE 11 AI TOOLS MENTIONED IN THIS PODCASTPerplexityGoogle GeminiBuzzsproutCastMagicSocialBeePinGeneratorTweet HunterTaplioJasperFraseOpusClip Learn More: Join My Digital First Mastermind: https://nealschaffer.com/membership/ Learn about My Fractional CMO Consulting Services: https://nealschaffer.com/cmo Download My Free Ebooks Here: https://nealschaffer.com/freebies/ Subscribe to my YouTube Channel: https://youtube.com/nealschaffer All My Podcast Show Notes: https://podcast.nealschaffer.com

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