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How to ignite, and retain, customer relationships through email marketing? With Emily McGuire

21 Jul 2022 • 18 min • EN
18 min
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Email marketing is one of the most classic and effective way of engaging with your potential and existing customers. In this episode, a Customer Evangelist of AWeber, Emily McGuire, talks about email marketing and how it could help you start and retain your relationship with your customers. Emily also explains how AWeber works, the benefits of using it, how you can integrate it to your existing website, and how easy for it to use and access. She also shares the hallmarks of a successful email marketing, explains how landing pages could help you get more emails, and some types of lead magnets you could use. And, of course how they, with over 300,000 entrepreneurs and business using their platform, are doing PR to get more noticed. You could also sign up at AWeber for free here. Post-production, transcript and show notes by XCD Virtual Assistants The UnNoticed Entrepreneur Book The UnNoticed Entrepreneur: Fifty Ideas for your Company to Stand Out The Marque of an Entrepreneur Get noticed as an entrepreneur with the 19 Dots range of merchandise; bottles, cups, caps et al Social listening - google alert killer! Generate leads and market your product using social listening Get Otter with 1-month FREE Pro Lite Generate rich notes for meetings, interviews, lectures, and other important voice conversations. Support the show Am I adding value to you? If so - I"d like to ask you to support the show. In return, I will continue to bring massive value with two weekly shows, up to 3 hours per month of brilliant conversations and insights. Monthly subscriptions start at $3 per month. At $1 per hour, that"s much less than the minimum wage, but we"ll take what we can at this stage of the business. Of course, this is still free, but as an entrepreneur, the actual test of anything is if people are willing to pay for it. If I"m adding value to you, please support me by clicking the link now. Go ahead, make my day :) Support the show here.

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