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Jim Rickards: Recession is Coming

21 May 2023 • 67 min • EN
67 min
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James Rickards is an American lawyer, economist, investment banker, speaker, media commentator, and author on matters of finance and precious metals. He is the author of seven books including his latest, 'Sold Out: How Broken Supply Chains, Surging Inflation, and Political Instability Will Sink the Global Economy.' SPONSORED BY: easyDNS - domain name registrar provider and web host. Use special code: TRIGGERED for 50% off when you visit https://easydns.com/triggered/ Join our exclusive TRIGGERnometry community on Locals! https://triggernometry.locals.com/ OR Support TRIGGERnometry Here: Bitcoin: bc1qm6vvhduc6s3rvy8u76sllmrfpynfv94qw8p8d5 Music by: Music by: Xentric | info@xentricapc.com | https://www.xentricapc.com/ YouTube:  @xentricapc   Buy Merch Here: https://www.triggerpod.co.uk/shop/ Advertise on TRIGGERnometry: marketing@triggerpod.co.uk Join the Mailing List: https://www.triggerpod.co.uk/sign-up/ Find TRIGGERnometry on Social Media:  https://twitter.com/triggerpod https://www.facebook.com/triggerpod/ https://www.instagram.com/triggerpod/ About TRIGGERnometry:  Stand-up comedians Konstantin Kisin (@konstantinkisin) and Francis Foster (@francisjfoster) make sense of politics, economics, free speech, AI, drug policy and WW3 with the help of presidential advisors, renowned economists, award-winning journalists, controversial writers, leading scientists and notorious comedians. 00:00 Intro  01:36 Inflation is Here! What Now? 08:26 Debt in The United States 16:24 Modern Monetary Theory 26:37 The Need for Diversification  31:30 Payment Currency & Reserve Currency 32:44 Bitcoin & Digital Currency 41:17 Sponsor Message: easyDNS 42:30 Is the Climate Crisis Real? 48:22 The Impact of Globalisation 52:46 What Do the Global Elite Want? 57:35 Central Bank Digital Currencies 1:01:53 What Can The Average Person Do About CBDC? 1:03:13 Was The Pandemic Used to Get Rid of Cash? 1:05:40 What’s the One Thing We’re Not Talking About?

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