Curt Jaimungal & Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky on Consciousness, Sam Harris, Mandating Vaccines, Husserl, and Kripkenstein

11 Sep 2021

From "Theories of Everything with Curt Jaimungal"

Sponsors: Go to  and use code TOE to save 25% off today. for 20% off. for supply chain AI.  00:00:00 Introduction 00:03:10 [finding blanks] Which of your beliefs do you hold most tenaciously that has the least evidence? 00:03:45 [Mohit Mukherji] Is phenomenology (in the tradition of Husserl etc.) an adequate way to study consciousness 00:05:50 [Jake Watson] Can you ask him why he thinks Hume was a rationalist?  00:08:05 [Laura] Retrocausality and free will 00:09:55 [Cybmor] Russell's descriptivist theory, Kripke's causal theory, semantic externalism 00:18:36 [Kelly Gerling] What does it mean to make a "plan" cognitively? 00:20:47 [Joe Smith] Is recursion an intrinsic and universal property of all human E - language? (as opposed to I - Language) 00:22:39 [Sam Thompson] Stone Duality and studying formal languages topologically 00:25:40 [Chris Langan] Pre-linguistic consciousness / insight 00:28:39 [Chris Langan] Consciousness and language association 00:30:37 [Peter Glinos] Incompatibility between multiculturalism and "progress" 00:34:18 [John Doe] Debate with Sam Harris on the Middle East? 00:37:38 [Someone] Mandated vaccination / why trust the gov't and large pharmaceutical corporations? 00:46:10 [Harjot Singh] Chomsky's thoughts on Stoicism 00:47:48 [John Clever] Heidegger, Husserl, and Kierkegaard / Continental philosophy in general 00:48:28 [George Holliday] Eating animals contradicts being moral + animal agriculture in general 00:54:57 [John Tillo] Speaking a new language after brain trauma 00:56:35 [Karl Héðinn] The legacy concerning his Universal grammar + people calling Noam an “essentialist” 01:02:45 [Debra] What questions does Noam have for us? 01:05:36 [William Patterson] On the Kripkenstein Rule Following Paradox