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652 Jesse Itzler on Building a Healthy, Wealthy, Wise Life

11 Jun 2018 • 56 min • EN
56 min
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“I LEARN BEST BY JUMPING INTO THE UNKNOWN.” There’s one resource in this world we all take for granted: time. We’re only on this planet for a small amount of time, and we tend to build routines in our lives that makes the days roll by. The next thing we know, we look in the mirror and we’re 70. When you look at that face do you want to see a life of missed opportunities or one filled with experiences you are proud of? If you want the latter, you need to make sure you schedule time for you. Take the time to build your life resume, because that’s what makes our lives much more interesting. When you talk about someone, do you talk about how they clock in to work on time everyday at 9 am and work late hours? Or do you talk about the places they’ve been to, and the experiences they’ve had? On this episode of The School of Greatness, I bring you back someone who has decided to build their life’s resume: Jesse Itzler. Importance of taking advantage of time. Routine make life fly by. Make time for yourself - building life resume instead of business resume. Jesse enjoys living life "out of the box." In fact, he doesn't even have a box. The author of the New York Times bestseller, Living with a Seal, co founded Marquis Jet, the world's largest private jet card company which he and his partner sold to Berkshire Hathaway/NetJets. Jesse then partnered with Zico coconut water, which he and his partner sold to The Coca-Cola Company. He’s also the kind of person that when he wants something he grabs onto the opportunity without delay. He recently decided he needed to detox his mind from electronics and the constant multitasking of today’s world. He ended up living with monks, living in a room as small as a table, and unable to communicate with his family, just to find himself. The lessons he learned most were about the need to make time for yourself and the people around you that you care most about. In the end, that’s where you’ll have the most impact and where your true legacy will come from. Learn more lessons from Jesse’s isolation and time with the monks, on Episode 652. Some Questions I Ask: How was your 15 day digital detox? (8:45) What are you not waiting for? (20:09) If you could go back 20 years, what would you eliminate or add to your life? (21:41) Do you still take 3 hours for yourself every day? (24:44) What do you think you can learn from pain? (29:14) What did the monks teach you about overcoming personal challenges? (32:52) What did the master’s say (about death)? (36:34) Have you and your wife ever struggled with competing with one another? (44:47) Do you ever have a fear that your kids are a little soft? (47:04) What are the things you’ve learned from your time in your monks you didn’t know before? (48:13) In This Episode You Will Learn: When he had the idea to live with monks (10:50) What Jesse didn’t miss during his time away (14:51) How Jesse worked in the music business (17:07) The Kevin Rule (22:28) When Jesse started living this type of life (27:37) The biggest personal challenge he’s faced (30:29) Why death kept coming up in Jesse’s mind (34:40) How he maintains the spark of sexual desire and dynamic of business in his relationship (41:26) The greatest lessons his kids have taught him (45:40) Plus much, much more...

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