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11: Sam Harris - Fighting with Friends

15 Nov 2019 • 155 min • EN
155 min
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On this episode of The Portal, Eric talks to one of his closest friends, neuroscientist, philosopher and meditation-guru, Sam Harris. When Sam and Eric sit down they generally agree about a large number of things. So in this experiment of a session, Eric attempts to push the relentlessly reasonable and methodical Sam out of his comfort zone to highlight their genuine differences. These include: beliefs on religion, the logic of voting for unreasonable candidates, Jeffrey Epstein's demise, the competence of the press, the ethics of immigration and more.  Skillshare: Go to to start your two months of unlimited access today Boll and Branch: For a limited time get fifty dollars off when you go to Four Sigmatic: and use discount code PORTAL to get a 15% discount on all orders Express VPN: Get 3 extra free months when you sign up for a year using See for privacy information.

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