Dan Smolen & Denise Brouder

Swaying to the Future of Work

04 Jun 2021 • 30 min • ??
30 min
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Career professionals are swaying to the future of work, to thrive in their roles and workplaces. During 2020, the intense stressors of remote work sent many professionals to a panic state. But 17 months since the pandemic started, those professionals may now languish. They handle their responsibilities well and don't feel despair, but they don't necessarily thrive. According to workplace futurist Denise Brouder, swaying to the future of work helps people remain effective on the job...and joyful. Denise is also the co-founder of SWAY. Throughout the pandemic, she and her team gathered insight to understand how professionals adjusted to their highly disrupted workplaces. In this episode, Denise discusses: SWAY and its unique benefit to people who work. Starts at 3:33 The reintroduction to the workplace and the benefits of working from anywhere. Starts at 6:04 The feeling of languishing that many who work endure. Starts at 8:33 Traditional "command and control" management styles that don't align with future of work. Starts at 14:56 Gendered aspects of return to work. Starts at 16:52 The need for hiring managers to "check in" with their people. Starts at 23:31 Full interview starts at 3:23 Swaying to the future of work is personal. And Denise Brouder and the team at SWAY are helping to make work a joyful part of the day--and not the entire day. About our guest: Denise Brouder earned a Bachelors of Business Administration from the University of Limerick and an MBA in International Finance from Fordham University. She lives and works in the New York City suburbs of New Jersey. EPISODE DATE: June 4, 2021 Social media: – Facebook – LinkedIn – Twitter – Website – Denise Brouder on Dan Smolen Podcast Channel on YouTube (7/24/2020) Please Subscribe to The Dan Smolen Podcast on: – Apple Podcast – Android – Google Podcasts – Pandora – Spotify – Stitcher – TuneIn …or wherever you get your podcasts. You may also click HERE to receive our podcast episodes by email. Image credits: Working mom and kid swaying, fizkes for iStock Photo; Denise Brouder portrait, SWAY; Podcast button, J. Brandt Studio for The Dan Smolen Experience.

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