The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Running Routine

29 Nov 2023 • 33 min • EN
33 min
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Starting a running routine can be daunting, whether you’re a beginner, someone looking to lose weight, or a former athlete.  In this episode, you’ll learn the essentials of starting a running program. We discuss the relationship between resistance training and running, address the interference effect, and provide a detailed 8-week running plan to get you on track.  Additionally, we touch on the correct running technique, essential gear, nutrition advice, and tips for getting back into running after a break.  This comprehensive episode is your guide for beginning or rekindling your love for running, so tune in. Timestamps: 0:00 - Please leave a review of the show wherever you listen to podcasts and make sure to subscribe! 3:56 - Is it okay to combine resistance training and cardio? 4:04 - Will running interfere with my resistance training? 10:32 - Should I worry about the "interference effect"? 11:33 - How to get optimal benefits from cardio 12:50 - How do I start running as a beginner? 14:37 - Our Biggest Sale of the Year! Save 50% during our Black Friday Sale! 17:19 - Using the run-walk method 21:26 - Proper running technique and form 24:44 - 8-week running program for beginners 28:14 - Recommended running gear 29:09 - Nutrition tips for runners 30:28 - Getting back into running after a break Mentioned on the Show: Our Biggest Sale of the Year Is Here! Save 50% during our Black Friday Sale. Go to and use coupon code MUSCLE to get double reward points!

From "Muscle for Life with Mike Matthews"

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