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The Secret to Healing from Your Past & Creating the Life You Want – with Christine Hassler

27 Nov 2023 • 84 min • EN
84 min
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Relationships are one of the most profound, life-giving aspects of being human. But on the other side of the coin, our relationships can often leave us feeling disappointed, frustrated, and stressed. Many times, improving our relationships comes down to shifting our own perspectives and expectations. On today’s show, you’re going to hear about the root cause of relationship struggles. Our guest, Christine Hassler is a bestselling author, Master coach, and speaker. Her work is focused on improving relationships, inner child healing, and overcoming past traumas. Christine is back on The Model Health Show to talk about expectation hangovers, how to heal your inner child, and the secret to overcoming resentment in relationships. This episode is jam-packed with empowering tips for improving your relationships and creating the life you want. Enjoy! In this episode you’ll discover: How our relationships are tied to our survival. Why relationships are like mirrors. The impact our childhood has on our thoughts, beliefs, and relationships. How expectations can lead to disappointment. Why the ages 0-7 are formative for your nervous system. Examples of how your inner child can act out subconsciously. The different types of attachment styles. What inner child healing looks like. The role suffering plays in childhood development. How staying regulated as a parent can help your children. What an expectation hangover is. The main cause of resentment in relationships. An important distinction between empathy and sympathy. What true surrender is. The power of getting regulated and resourced.    Items mentioned in this episode include: -- Save 30% on your first subscription order of Ketone-IQ! -- Save an exclusive 10% on performance supplements & tools! Expectation Hangover by Christine Hassler Healing Your Inner Child Workshop Connect with Christine Hassler Website / Podcast / Instagram  Join TMHS Facebook community - Model Nation  Be sure you are subscribed to this podcast to automatically receive your episodes:  Apple Podcasts Stitcher Spotify Soundcloud   Thanks to our Sponsors! This episode is brought to you by HVMN. I want you to also keep in mind that our decisions that we make, whether it's in the context of our relationships, whether it's in the context of decision that we make for our health and our fitness, this really does boil down very logically to our energy and to our energy reserves and our energy output. There's this new phenomenon being detailed, this existed forever, but it's being documented in peer view data called Decision fatigue. Because every decision that we make, we're using energy, we're literally using brain glucose and it's draining our battery essentially, and before long, for many of us, once we get to the end of the day, we don't care. You ask us something, whatever. I don't care. What you wanna eat or whatever, what do you wanna eat, I don't care. Our decision fatigue starts to take place, but for many of us, this can happen before the day really even starts, once the day gets rolling, we're already in that state of deprived energy making it difficult to make the decisions that we want to make, and so we wanna make sure, obviously, that we're focusing on a healthy real food diet protocol, that we're moving our bodies on a regular basis, doing our best to stack conditions with our sleep, but what about that little extra?  What about that go to when you want that sustainable, healthy, clean, high quality energy without the side effects of these "Energy drinks or abhorrent amounts of caffeine over and over throughout the day?" Well, there's finally a solution that is taking over the world right now, and I'm talking about ketone IQ. Numerous studies, including a study published by the Federation of American societies for Experimental Biology, found that exogenous ketones can be up to 28% more efficient in generating energy than glucose alone, plus numerous studies have found up to a 15% increased mean power output when utilizing ketones, more energy and being able to get more done, recover faster. And the key here is there's been a recent innovation where we've had ketone esters and lots of folks have utilized those to some positive benefit, but the on-ramp was not that nice because those ketone esters tasted unpleasant to put it lightly. And now with these recent innovations and utilizing this kind of fermentation process to finally have a ketone product that has a decent taste, I'm not saying this is delicious, but it is much more palatable and much more powerful. And that's what you're getting with Ketone IQ. Go to to get hooked up with their incredible ketone IQ, they've got these great ketone IQ shots that I actually keep in my refrigerator that even gives it another boost of probability by having a cold fresh out of the refrigerator and a lot of times I utilize them right before a workout or something with a big cognitive load, and it's just really, really remarkable for many people they notice the benefits the first day that they use it. Go to for 30% off your first subscription order automatically applied at check out, and also you can get hooked up with free shipping there as well. So again, pop over there, check 'em out. Ketone IQ from HVMN. Go to   This episode is brought to you by Onnit. No lifts, no gifts. Here are just a few benefits of building muscle seen in peer review studies. 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