The Overlapping Realities of Giftedness & ADHD in Female Entrepreneurs

19 Dec 2023 • 44 min • EN
44 min
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Many of my entrepreneurial clients have ADHD and a growing number of them are women identified as gifted in childhood.  While they are exceptionally bright, creative and original thinkers, gifted entrepreneurs struggle with perfectionism, imposter syndrome and overcomplicating their business.  In this episode,  we will highlight the nuances and commonalities between these two facets of identity and delve into the 7 areas of overlap between ADHD and giftedness in entrepreneurial women.   What you’ll learn from this episode: 👩‍💻Understand the challenges of gifted women entrepreneurs, including lack of support, feeling misunderstood, and social dynamics 👩‍💻Exploring the impact of giftedness and ADHD on career decisions and workplace experiences 👩‍💻Examining the overlap and distinctions between ADHD and giftedness in entrepreneurial women 👩‍💻Recognizing the individual differences and varying factors that affect the experiences of gifted women and those with ADHD Mic Drop Moment 🎙️ "I also think that our culture needs to do a much better job of actually valuing diversity of thought, recognizing unique contributions and providing resources for both personal and professional development for the people who choose to work for them." Mentioned in this episode: Why Smart People Hurt by Eric Maisel The year is almost over, but you can make the decision now to start 2024 off right.  My signature program, The Boss Up Breakthrough 🔥 can help you right-size your business so that you can avoid burnout, establish sustainable boundaries, and uncover the profit potential in your coaching or consulting business.  Many of my clients are gifted and/or 2e, and so am I,  so I am both like minded, and like brained.  I work in 3 month engagements and help you clarify what’s working, what isn’t and what your options are for bringing the joy back to your business. It’s hard to identify and implement what’s truly necessary on your own, so if you’ve been thinking about making these changes for a while, let me help you actually move the needle.  Since the holidays are upon us,  we will be starting in January.  At this time,  I am only accepting 1:1 clients and the first step is to schedule a free 30-minute consultation right here: 🌟 Want to put Insight from this episode into action?  Here are some thinking questions: 🔍 What strategies have you found effective in managing the pressure and expectations that come with being gifted and driven? 🔍 How can individuals with ADHD and traits associated with giftedness leverage their unique perspectives and abilities to succeed as entrepreneurs? 🔍 What are some practical strategies for managing challenges related to sensory sensitivity and emotional attunement that are common in both ADHD and gifted individuals? Want to let me know what you thought about this episode or make a suggestion for a future one?  Here are the options: Email: Voice message: DM me on Linked In or IG:   <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer"...

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