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Why the Federal Reserve Has No Control Over the Markets

23 Aug 2022 • 65 min • EN
65 min
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Today's guest, Jeff Snider, says that the Federal Reserve actually has no control over the markets and he's not just a nobody. Jeff Snider is one of the most respected voices when it comes to the US dollar and the bigger problem, the Euro dollar. Jeff Snider is one of the foremost experts on the global monetary system and runs the Eurodollar University Podcast. In this Interview, we discuss: Why he believes the Federal Reserve has no control over the markets The story of Paul Volcker under Reagan, hiking over 20% to tame inflation is a complete myth. The reality of inflation in general and the Fed having no control to affect that What the end game of all this is, what he thinks happens going forward. Sound money and Bitcoin. Reasons why Bitcoin may or may not work. ...and so much more! Follow Jeff: @JeffSnider_AIP Eurodollar University Podcast: Market Insider Pro: Portfolio Shield: See for privacy information.

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