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High-Velocity Digital Marketing - Steve Kahan - Hard Corps Marketing Show - Episode # 320

24 Jan 2023 • 48 min • EN
48 min
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Want to better understand how to become an amazing marketer? We have just the episode for you! Today we have Steve Kahan, Marketer Advisor at Insight Partners. Steve discusses with Casey Cheshire the most important ingredient in a business and how to be successful. He also talks about understanding the marketing fundamentals in your company in order to advance in growth. Steve gives us his tips on who your customer actually is and figuring out how to get to them. Tune in to this educational episode.     Busted Myths: Causing disruption is hard work. Takeaways: The most important ingredient that Steve thinks will bring your business to success is realizing that there's just no substitute for hard work. Steve is a firm believer that hard work is the price you will pay for the success that you desire to achieve. Always put 100% of your effort into your work. In order to understand the marketing fundamentals, you have to start off by understanding how the CEOs their marketing into their business.  Steve believes that buyers today completely rely on digital content in order to make their purchasing decisions. This has changed the way marketers interact with their potential buyers. Steve thinks that if you want to consistently grow revenue in your company, you have to do it by delivering great content. The potential buyers will scan your content quickly in order to make their decision. You need to act fast. It is important in every company to fully understand who your customers are. Getting to know your customers and understanding what their needs are is crucial to the growth of your company.     Quote of the Show: “No great achievements are possible or sustained without hard work.” (02:51) Links: LinkedIn:   Website:  Book:  Ways to Tune In: Apple Podcasts: Amazon Music/Audible: Spotify: Stitcher: Google Podcasts: YouTube:  Podbean:

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