Casey Cheshire & Steve Kahan

Marketing Like a Startup Superstar - Steve Kahan - Hard Corps Marketing Show #117

09 Jan 2020 • 65 min • EN
65 min
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Do you feel like you are pigeonholed in your corporate job? Do you need some inspiration and are considering moving to a marketing position in the startup world? A Marketing Leader, Serial Entrepreneur, the author of Be a Startup Superstar, and the CMO of Thycotic, Steve Kahan, gives his recommendations of what to look for in a startup, best practices for website conversion, and stresses the importance of measurement in marketing. This is one episode you do not want to miss!   Takeaways: People love to have immediate feedback, consider providing useful self-assessments for your customers in which your company can help them improve their score. In marketing, “always err on the side of giving maximum value” to your customers. - Steve Kahan Marketing is about the metrics. If a marketer is early in their career and they are in a role that is not measured towards its effect on revenue, then they are stunting their career growth. The key to converting leads on your website is to provide superb content that is compelling enough to target buyers. Make it easy for website visitors to access your content and also to get a quote for your product or service. Steve Kahan’s book, Be a Startup Superstar is based on 35 actions and behaviors one should take for success at a startup. When looking for a startup at which to work consider the people that work there, if there is a market for the product or service, is the company selling a product or service you can believe in, and if it is well funded. “Marketing is all about impacting revenue.” - Steve Kahan Career advice from Steve Kahan - Invest in yourself and make sure that you are your most important priority. Schedule time on your calendar each week to take time for yourself whether it is working out, learning something new, or recharging your batteries.   Links: LinkedIn: Twitter: Be a Startup Superstar: Thycotic:   Busted Myths: Companies can’t get great visibility unless they already have lots of customers that are ready to go live and give their success stories in the media. - This is NOT the case. A company can have high visibility through generating their own news, such as providing useful content, like research reports and self-assessments to their customers.

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