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How to turn data into amazing outcomes - learn about Measuring Marketing with Chris Mercer

08 Sep 2021 • 29 min • EN
29 min
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Do you want to learn how to turn some super simple data into amazing insights and even better outcomes? Today's episode teaches you everything you need to know about measuring marketing with Chris Mercer. If just hearing the mention of Google Analytics makes you break up in hives, this episode is for you. Because you might not see yourself as a number person, but you can still absolutely gather data that will help you make better decisions in your business. Ready for all the juicy stuff? SOME EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS: (2:44) Does Chris Mercer really want to open a guitar shop when he retires? (4:51) Measuring marketing - why every business should start doing it. (5:50) What you should be tracking when it comes to email marketing. (6:41) Why digital marketers should start using Google Analytics. (7:21) How you can start using Google Analytics (even if you're not a number person!) (13:00) Why you should start using UTM parameters right now. (16:29) Recommended tools to build UTMs. (18:10) How time-consuming is measuring marketing? (22:21) How big does your email list need to be for you to start measuring marketing? (25:53) Subject line of the week with Chris Mercer.Measuring marketing - why every business should start doing it Are you one of those people who run their business on a wing and a prayer, hoping it will all work out? Are you trying (and struggling) to figure it all out as you go? We know that a lot of people use email marketing because it's a fantastic channel. But do you tap into the functionality offered by your email provider and measure the results of your email marketing campaigns? A lot of people don't. And that's not just in terms of sales but also in terms of the customer journey and how you're moving people through a conversation that eventually leads your subscribers to buy your products. If you don't do this - like many others - it's probably because you don't know you should and you don't know you can. And that's about to change. Because if you're a business owner, you absolutely can and should measure your customer journey.What should you be tracking when it comes to email marketing? The top two pieces of information every business should be measuring, Mercer says, are open rates and click-through rates. Open rates matter because they tell you how interesting your email might be for your marketplace. While click-through rates tell you how efficient your emails are at getting people to take the next step you want them to take. But once you've got your subscribers off their email app and onto your web page, the data from your email provider isn't enough anymore. You need tools like Google Analytics to help you tell another part of the story. What happens now that your subscriber is on your website? So let's say you had 100 people who opened your email. Ten of them clicked through the link, but only one bought from you. What happened to the other nine? Google Analytics can provide the information you need to close that gap. Should digital marketers start using Google Analytics?  A lot of people think of Google Analytics as something confusing and overwhelming they can't make any sense of. So the first thing that needs to happen is a mindset change - you need to shift the way you look at it. Mercer explained this with an easy example. Let's imagine you've walked into a shoe shop. The sales assistant will walk up to you, ask you questions, direct you to the right product for your needs, and possibly even try and upsell you. That's a completely natural conversation that would be happening in this scenario and interaction. Let's now move back to the online world. The way that your...

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