Tracey Follows & Ian Crocombe , The Future of You

The Briefing: What is Worldcoin? #22

31 Jul 2023 • 17 min • EN
17 min
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In this episode of The Briefing I talk with Ian Crocombe of Superheroic about the creation of TF14 (my “synthetic self”). We discuss how TF14 was made, the tools and platforms employed, and the use cases for  digital representations such as this. I also talk about the launch of Worldcoin, the pros and cons of is-a-person solutions and explore security threats around biometrics. BBC News article on the launch of Worldcoin Vitalek"s essay Tracey Follows, Forbes article on Synthetic Self Ian Crocombe Linkedin Tracey"s book "The Future of You: Can Your Identity Survive 21st Century Technology?" available in the UK ( and US (

From "The Future of You"

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